Contemporary RNCMs partner with high need patients and their families to help them manage their chronic conditions more successfully and more effectively use health care resources.


Is this the course I take to learn how to become an RN Case Manager? If I already have experience in the role will this Program benefit me?

In a word, Yes.  

Not quite half of our graduates are already employed in RNCM roles while almost 55% of nurses are preparing for RNCM practice and employment.  

Nurses in both groups report that success in the role and an increased understanding of how to better meet the needs of chronically ill populations, including older adults, is a main reason for enrolling in the Program.

The Contemporary RN Case Manager Certificate Program™ is designed specifically to prepare you for practice as a RN Case Manager, Care Manager or Care Coordinator.  

This role prepares you to work in acute care, primary care, long term services

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If I take this course can I become board certified? Once I finish this course do I take a test to become certified?

Not exactly.  If you find this to be a confusing issue you are not alone.  Most nurses have questions about this.  

To start with it is important to understand that there is a distinction between certificate education and board certification.  In nursing education when RNs prepare in a new area of practice a Certificate of Completion is awarded.  This is what you receive upon successful completion of the Contemporary RN Case Manager Certificate Program.  Your Certificate is important as it demonstrates to an employer that you have acquired specialized knowledge and are prepared to practice in Contemporary RNCM roles.  Your Certificate also builds on your nursing degree(s) and should be added to the Education section of your resume.  

While the Contemporary RN Case Manager Certificate Program™ is a 32 CE ANCC accredited role development program that prepares you for practice, board certification involves taking and passing a national exam to achieve specialty credentialing.

To Help You Think About How This Fits with Your Professional Goals:

Listen to Lead Faculty, Mary Jo Borden RN APRN-BC MSN CCM discuss the “Path to Certification” (8:14 min)

Download/View “The Difference Between Certificate Education and Specialty Certification”

Why do nurses enroll in the Contemporary RN Case Manager Certificate Program?

RNs have specific reasons for enrolling in the Contemporary RNCM Certificate Program™ which include: 

  • Gaining specialized knowledge to practice in the role
  • Increasing confidence in their ability to implement and perform the role 
  • Positioning themselves for specialty credentialing/board certification 

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What is a Contemporary RN Case Manager? Why do you use the word “Contemporary” to describe these roles?

“Contemporary” describes the pathway in case management that has emerged since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (2010). Nurses in these roles partner proactively with populations of patients to implement best practice and evidence-based strategies shown to improve patient health outcomes while reducing care fragmentation and managing costs. This pathway is different from traditional or established case manager roles which focus more on resource management and utilization review and are often specific to hospitals and insurance companies.

Download/View National RNCM White Paper: “The Emerging Roles of Nurses: RN Case Manager, Care Manager, Care Coordinator”

Download/View “RN Characteristics for Contemporary RNCM Success”

Will this course help me get a RNCM job?

While no education program can guarantee employment, the National RNCM faculty is proud to have prepared over 1000 RNs for RN Case Manager, Care Manager and Care Coordination positions throughout private and public healthcare organizations, the Veterans Health Administration and the Indian Health Service.  These nurses are now practicing throughout the U.S. Healthcare system in acute, primary, public health and long term care settings and working every day to improve health outcomes that include addressing the social determinants of health in the patient populations that they are partnered with.

Download/View National RNCM Tip Sheet: “Securing a Contemporary RNCM Position”

I already have an RNCM position. How can I approach my employer about taking this course?

Many nurses already practicing in RNCM positions recognize that the complexity of patients with multiple chronic conditions concurrent with the changes occurring within the U.S. healthcare system requires specialized knowledge to support RN role success and full scope practice.

Download/View National RNCM “Sample Letter to Employer”

Download/View “Checklist for Requesting Employer Support for Education”

The National RN Case Manager Training Center is designed with a focus on supporting Registered Nurses in their ability to acquire new knowledge quickly to expand their practices to include new and emerging roles as case manager, care manager, and care coordinator across the U.S. healthcare system.



“After 20 years of bedside care in different areas I, like many nurses, became injured while on the job and was advised to find less physically strenuous work.  I have the years of skill to qualify for some positions in case management but not the confidence.  I am so thankful to have discovered this Program so that I can attain the specialized knowledge I need to be hired for an RNCM position.”

—Corina K. RN, Idaho



“I have finished the course and want to thank you for putting together such a thoroughly comprehensive program.  I enjoyed studying the healthcare system including policy and payment change and then being able to look directly into the RN role in case management.  I will shortly be moving into my first position as a Case Manager and already I feel more confident with the knowledge I have gained from this Program.  I also appreciate all the resources I can refer to in the future.  Thank You!”

—Caryn M., RN BSN MPA, Wisconsin



“Recognizing the myriad of roles nurses play in caring for patients, I sought out this program in hopes of better understanding the new and changing roles in case management.  Specifically, I wanted to better understand the role beyond discharge planning and the hospital.  Since I am only familiar with hospital nursing, I wanted to understand what is possible for nurses to assist patients in managing their care once they walked out the hospital doors.  Taking this course opened my eyes to so many possibilities and a better understanding of our role as patients move throughout the healthcare system.”

—Jeremy M., RN-BC, New York



“I completed the Veteran Focused option of the Contemporary RNCM Certificate – great course!  I received an offer from the VA yesterday!  I’m so excited!”

—Margo O., RN MSN, Rhode Island



“I was able to gain new knowledge to help me in my role to better care for my patients and improve health outcomes.  Mary Jo and Kelly did an amazing job of teaching this and personally, I feel every nurse should go through this program regardless if they are interested in case management or not!”

—Tracy H., RN BSN New York


Contemporary RN Case Manager Certificate Program™

Online learning options are always available as well as scheduled online courses with facilitated faculty discussion.