Training Options

Care coordination success within your healthcare system requires the specialized, holistic knowledge that is a distinction of the nursing profession, including; the ability to partner with patients and their families, to engage patients in self-management and health behavior change, to conduct individualized comprehensive assessments and mutual care planning, use evidence based interventions and quality improvement strategies, and patient advocacy for the right care at the right time (IOM, Future of Nursing Report, 2010).

Our programs prepare registered nurses to work in contemporary case manager/care coordinator roles across all care settings to connect the dots, assure that care is coordinated, safe and truly patient centered.


RNs enrolled in the Certificate Program will acquire the essential knowledge and skills needed to fill emerging roles in care coordination, transitions and case management across patient care settings.  Our role development program prepares RNs to succeed in care coordination roles and work to their full potential.

Program Content Includes:

Health systems changes (ACOs, PCMHs), patient centered care, motivational interviewing, value based financing, health promotion and behavioral change strategies, medication management, technology in practice, home visiting, ethics, health policy and more.

Program Options:

On-Site Faculty led Face to Face Instruction and/or Online Instruction

FACE TO FACE:  This option offers direct faculty interaction over 3 days of classroom instruction accompanied by access to our online eLearning platform where participants are able to access preparatory assignments, handouts, practice tools and resources.  Delivered onsite on a mutually agreed upon date, the requesting organization is responsible for providing:

  • Room set up and technology support for effective delivery of the program
  • An easily accessible break and lunch option either on site or nearby so that the course remains on schedule.
  • Transportation and Lodging for 2 faculty arriving 1 day early and when possible departing on the last day of training

Highlights related to this Option include:

  • Faculty led “real time” discussion specific to each content topic
  • Facilitation of internal networking and professional leadership
  • Lower overall educational costs due to on-site training

ONLINE:  With this option participants will complete the course over a 60 day (8 week) timeframe through a variety of learning activities posted on our eLearning platform.  The platform allows a tailored classroom set up specifically for your enrolled RNs. Learning is accomplished via recorded faculty lectures, videos, offline assignments that include key articles and web based resources and practice specific tools.  Participants interact with faculty electronically.  Dates for the course will be mutually determined.  Over the designated timeframe of the course, the participating organization is responsible for providing the following:

  • IT Support
  • A minimum of 4 hours of dedicated time/week for participants to complete scheduled content
FACULTY RECOMMENDATION: To maximize your investment with the most rapid translation of Contemporary RN Case Manager/Care Coordinator knowledge into practice, we recommend your first cohort of learners receive face-to-face faculty instruction.  Subsequent learners could then follow using the online format. This first cohort may include Care coordination managers and nurse leaders.  By engaging with faculty during this 3 day learning intensive this initial cohort will have the opportunity to focus on the depth and breadth of the content they are learning and gain confidence in their ability to move knowledge into practice.  As part of this process they will be encouraged to develop an “Action Plan” to facilitate future discussion.  These “champions” may also mentor and facilitate role development for other nurses who follow in online learning cohorts.

Cost: Base tuition for onsite faculty led instruction is $1200/participant (not including faculty travel). Base tuition for online delivery is $1050/participant. Contact us for group pricing.


(Faculty Consultation to Support RN Role Selection and Care Coordination Implementation)

Cohort education offers healthcare organizations an opportunity to identify Care Coordination Leaders and establish a Care Coordination Leadership Team.  The Leadership Team will work to support RNs as they implement their newly acquired RN Case Manager/Care Coordination knowledge and skills in practice.  National RNCM faculty meets with the team by web or phone to facilitate leadership development strategies that include:

  • Identification of organizational care coordination/case management goals
  • Assessment of organizational readiness including systems, programs and resources in place specific to RN care coordination and case management within your organization
  • Assistance with selection of RN cohort and overview/recommendations related to education and training options

Care Coordination Leaders are also encouraged to complete the selected education program along with the RN cohort.  Participation provides a key opportunity to facilitate discussion, brainstorm ideas and consider next steps for translation of new information into practice.  Outcomes surrounding this approach can include:

  • Care Coordination Leaders can facilitate problem solving and system changes identified by RN Case Managers during group education, and use this insight to improve health outcomes and increase satisfaction for both RNs and patients
  • Planning for sustained support for the newly educated RN cohort as they pursue successful role implementation
  • Identification of RNs who have the potential to provide peer review and mentorship within the organization. This includes RNs already certified as case managers, or those soon to be eligible for Board certification

COST:  $300 per session


The National RN Case Manager Training Center strives to meet the education needs of both individual nurses and healthcare organizations who employ nurses. Focused on emerging care coordination/case manager roles, our courses deliver high quality, evidence based content designed to support Registered Nurses in their ability to acquire new knowledge quickly and efficiently. Content bridges health policy with Contemporary RN Case Manager and Care Coordinator role development with an emphasis on clinical practice application.

We recognize that a commitment of time and money is required to fully prepare nurses within in your organization for these important roles.  To acknowledge the allocation of these important resources, we provide the following additional support for your investment:

  • Course Orientation Session:  We provide course orientation via webinar or phone with the organization leader(s) to determine details related to course set up, dates, participant selection and registration.  An overview of course content will also be reviewed at this time.
  • Participant Progress Reports:  Participant progress is monitored to ensure that learning activities are completed, and continuing education requirements are met. Progress is communicated periodically throughout the course to the organizational leader(s).
  • Evaluation Summary:  Upon completion of the educational activity, a report summarizing participant course evaluations, completion status of each participant, and recommendations related to important cohort themes that may have emerged during the course are provided to the organization leader(s).
  • Pricing and Cost Savings Options:  Pricing is based on course tuition per participant.  Group pricing is available based on the number of nurses identified for training, the course chosen and delivery option(s) selected.

A minimum cohort of 10 participants is required for either onsite faculty training or online delivery with a tailored classroom set up through our eLearning platform.

Organizations interested in cohort education and who have identified fewer than 10 nurses may find it more cost effective to enroll individual or small groups of RNs in either the online or scheduled face to face course options posted on our website.

Another cost effective option could be partnering with other organizations from the same geographic area to create a larger cohort for onsite faculty training.  Group pricing based on the total number of nurses will be applied with individual organizations invoiced separately.  Maximum cohort size negotiable.

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