The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) describes patient centered care for veterans as “an essential change that needs to take place in all Veteran’s Healthcare service sites”. This includes the private/civilian sector where veterans may now receive care as described by the Veterans Choice Program. As the VA works to shift from a system of “dual management” to a system of “co-management”, RN Case Managers working in the private sector/community can expect to be involved in care coordination for veterans.

Listen as National RNCM Co-Director and Lead Faculty, Mary Jo Borden RN APRN CCM MSN, provides an overview of the VHA services, strategies for ensuring communication and safe care transitions, and resources you can use in your practice.

Other Resources:

Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act of 2014 (“Choice Act”) – VA/U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Fact Sheet, 2014. This summary provides an overview of new authorities, funding, and other tools to help support and reform VA.

VA Makes Enhancements to the Veterans Choice Program – VA/U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
Fact Sheet, 2015. This Fact Sheet provides an update of the Veterans Choice Program Eligibility Requirements and lays out side by side review of the changes along with a practical FAQ. 

Military Culture Training for Community Providers – VA/U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Fact
Sheet, 2015. This resource provides a number of accredited training resources at no cost to all Veteran care providers as part of their commitment to ensuring the highest quality, most compassionate health care for our Nation’s Veterans.

Have You Ever Served in the Military? – American Academy of Nursing This weblink provides tools to assist healthcare providers in obtaining a more complete military service history and identifying possible health factors or illnesses related to such service.  Includes downloadable pocket cards and posters.